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Monday, November 2, 2009

"Fine Art Views" An Artist's Marketing and Advice Blog by Clint Watson....

Another one of my favorite blogs to follow is "Fine Art Views" by Clint Watson. It is an invaluable source of a wealth of information, advice and inspiration! I have found many minutes of relevant, interesting reading here, all of which is aimed at helping artists to become better business people . From creativity to marketing, and website design there is a wealth of substantive content to add to your journey as a working professional artist. Reading an article here has become part of my morning ritual to get started on my day painting. It is a reminder of the professionalism needed to become a successful working artist. This is a must. Enjoy reading.

A note of interest: The post on "Organization Overhaul" by Keith Bond is a significant read for almost every artist I know. Don't miss it.
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