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Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Painter's Painting" A Movie for Creativity and Inspiration

"Painter's Painting" is an interesting film about Abstract Expressionism and the Pop Culture movement in American Art which is on DVD.  The movie incorporates a collage of artists' portraits, through conversations in their studios, who lived in the postwar New York art scene. Johns, Rauschenberg, Frankenthaler,  Hoffman, Noland, Olitsky, Motherwell and Frank Stella to name a few. The documentary film is by Emile de Antonio and focuses on the  "New York Painting and Sculpture: 1940-1970" exhibition as well as an inside look into the minds of some of the most influential artists of our time. For me, it was very inspirational from a conceptual standpoint: a reminder of why I decided to be an artist and why I struggle to express myself and my ideas daily. To me, the film  was a great foray into the creative thinking process, that left me feeling like I had just had a captivating and thought provoking lunch conversation with some of the best in the modern art world. Not to be missed.
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