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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 New Year's Resolution

On the eve of 2010 I am in a mood of contemplation. Aren't we all? The biggest question is: "Are you here as a spectator, or are you actively involved in your journey, creating your life's experiences?" I have a card with the statement, "I Came To Live Out Loud"  in a prominent spot in my studio, which is a telling statement of how I view life. As Yoda said in the infamous Star Wars movie, "There is no try, only do." Today, through meditation, in a state of peace and also with enthusiasm for the coming year, I am asking Spirit to guide me in "doing".
  Working on my business plan today, making many observations and decisions on where I am headed and what experiences my soul is still requiring to feel fulfilled, the realization that it is not just about my art career, for me, all of my senses must be included in the plan, or else it will not work. The goal is to stay balanced this year. My painting style is changing, evolving, transforming through a metamorphose brought on by a previous year and a half of immense change. Having been in the cocoon for awhile, with the onset of spring, my wings will be opening for new adventures -  I would like to travel much more...time to get out and change the view, Spirit is calling me on.
May you find some time for peaceful contemplation today to ask your soul's intentions. May the coming year offer challenges to help you grow, and also the enjoyment of the fulfillment of your successful personal advancement. Remember, "There is no try, only do." All the best to you, and yours, in 2010.
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