Gail Allen is a classically trained artist living in New Hampshire, USA, who sculpts, paints and creates custom designed landscapes, murals and event products.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Words of Gratitude

I just received a lovely comment from a follower on one of my sites which inspired me to say "Thank You" to all of my supporters and patrons today. There are times where our chosen field of work can seem frustrating and even a bit daunting, (if not a bit lonely - although I believe creativity needs solitude to flourish). At these times in my life I am so grateful for the positive input of friends, followers and critics. To me, art is a gift both to the artist-creator and then also to the beholder, whether bought, or just viewed somewhere else.  The inspirations that suggest to us the ambitions and desires to express something we as artists perceive through our senses are brought to life as a separate entity and given away to start a new life of their own. It is through this constant birthing we as artists continue to grow in our awareness. It is not unlike a pregnancy- exhilarating, inspiring, exhausting, frustrating and fearful of the final letting go, yet euphoric at the lessons learned and the outcome. A life forever changed by the circumstance. This holiday season I am grateful for the privilege  and challenge of being included in a long list of creators given the chance to express my perceptions. Thank you and may you find peace and love in the coming year.
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