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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Artist Challenge:Seasons in the Sun Where Artistic Passions Flourish

Today's note is about how a group of diverse artists have gone beyond tradition, to establish a place where their individual passions for creating could flourish, as they sow the seeds of their own personalized, artistic development. Let me start by saying, I wholeheartedly recommend that any artist who wants to plow the fields and find their true creativity should join The Artist Challenge. (I have mentioned this site before, but wanted to express my thoughts on it after being a participant for awhile.)
After joining a number of artist websites in the past few years, I am starting to sort out the "lilies" in what can only be described as a forest of weeds. Just like weeding through a garden, this is time consuming and seems never ending. In the gardening world, (my "other" true love), time spent blazing a trail is precious, as there never seems to be enough daylight for all the work to be done- and so it also is in the artist's world. As I revise my time spent in online efforts, here are some thoughts.
To me, the true genius of artistic vision in any form is to create your own unique version of how you perceive a subject at any given moment. Here, artists of all kinds, (including writers), challenge each other to interpret a concept, formed by a work of art -using lively color and texture while combining impressions and aspects relating somehow to that idea. It is like an artistic brain teaser, which every two weeks produces awe inspiring results, in all types of artistic interpretation. Take a look at the sites, a close look. This is not an artist's vanity site, or a site where you will find pages and pages of similar styles and images....instead it promotes the development of each artist's singular vision, its mission is to bring that aspect to the public's attention. In a time when the internet is overrun with sites for artists to promote their work, we must use our best judgment on how to fertilize, nurture and bring to the market our seedling talents. (Every flower starts the new season as a seedling, regardless of how long it has been established in a place.) This means bringing to the forefront what has formed in our subconscious over the many years of learning, until the form of art we cultivate and want to exhibit to the public, reaches a crescendo and our own, individual lotus flower unfolds upon which we happily publish the bouquet. This is a site for those who delight in artists who are adventuresome, I can not recommend it enough! You won't find pages of comparatively similar work, instead, colorful individual vignettes of creativity.
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