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Monday, March 1, 2010

Creative Block and Sustenance

Currently I am starting to read Twyla Tharp's  acclaimed book, 'The Creative Habit', which focuses on the virtues of habit, discipline, preparation, and routine in the development of art and creativity in your life. Another book, just received on Saturday, Alyson Stanfield's, 'I'd Rather be in the Studio' will be the next on the list. So I have a good amount of reading to do this week for nourishment of the process. I am working on some new garden designs as well, and will be finishing up the painted piece for Lyme Disease Awareness this week. More to come on that later. In addition, initial work on the latest challenge painting for The Artist Challenge: 'CBS Sun Art' for the 'CBS Sunday Morning' show will begin to develop.  I will be posting those as they are finished. Creative and artistic sustenance are essential right now to keep me immersed in my work. In the past few years I have found that it is easy for a creative block to sneak in and take over, if I don't somehow keep feeding my mind's eye, imagination and soul when I am not able to be at the easel.
Today, and every Monday are primarily spent reading, doing office paperwork and sketching. Mondays I go for antibiotic injection treatments, so it is a bit harder to sustain working, as I feel a bit under the weather at first. My treatments are midday, so in the morning I work on blog updates and computer work. We were out of power for a few days which has thrown things off a bit more!) 
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