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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Acrylic Skins for an upcoming Painting

Yesterday and today I have been working on a new technique that I have been trying in my latest paintings using acrylic "skins".  I would like to achieve a more dimensional aspect to my work as I go forward with pieces for commercial locations and general public viewing. The heavy bodied acrylics, texture gels  and gel mediums have been increasingly making their way into my work. Right now, I am trying to take some of my own original drawings and paintings and manipulate them using the "skins", which are thin acrylic "layerings" of printed giclees that give a bit of a holographic look when applied to a painting. I am able to paint right over them so these in turn can be manipulated and changed. I'll be applying this to the floral I am working on.
In my recent Finding the Key painting, I used a bit of this technique especially seen in the "relic" looking labyrinth the fish are swimming around and through, as well as the heavy texture gels which create an embossed look. I love to play with these new techniques, but they are also time consuming. Its a great day to be working outdoors on these!
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