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Monday, June 28, 2010

Eden's Garden-A Garden Landscape Painting (for The Artist Challenge #33)

'Eden's Garden' is a 20" X 24" landscape painting done with oil sticks, of a sort of ethereal garden in my mind. This is a section of the original version which has been sold. Prints of the above 10" X 20" image are available at my Custom Giclee and Print Shop at this link: Gail M. Allen - Custom Giclees and Print Shop

It is my submission for The Artist Challenge #33 this week. The theme was "Embrace", and I chose to develop the theme based on the principle I live by: "Once you embrace your vision of what you want in your world, you are on your way to achieving it". My overall approach to life tends to be very goal oriented. On a daily, or weekly basis, I set small goals for myself that are working toward the ultimate outcome I am looking for, embracing all that comes my way, with a sort of vision that each obstacle is moving me closer toward defining a clearer vision of exactly what I want for the final goal.
The design, analysis of color and texture,  weeding out and rearranging of elements in gardening is quite similar to developing a painting for me,  so I find gardening is an essential part of keeping balance in my life, as it is for a great number of artists.
In the painting, Eden's Garden, there is an abundance of color in the foreground, giving a more "realistic" view of a garden, but as you step up the stairs, the landscape changes to a softer, more ethereal garden  - where you are greeted by the angel sculpture and the calming influence of the ocean landscape, along with the white stone pathway signifying purity of thought.
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