Gail Allen is a classically trained artist living in New Hampshire, USA, who sculpts, paints and creates custom designed landscapes, murals and event products.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crossing Over

Recently I have taken a few weeks off from my regular painting routine, to attend to other commitments, while continuing sketching and taking literally hundreds of reference photos, as well as continuing my research on healing artwork. I have very eclectic styles of painting, as the result of my illustration training, which I vary depending on the subject matter.
The latest painting, just off the easel, called Crossing Over is of a woman standing in contemplation overlooking a seaside, secret garden. Across the inlet of water in front of her is a rose arbor or trellis, with a ghostly woman standing beneath it, beckoning her onward. This image was a sketch I had done while visiting with a hospitalized friend. Research on Healing Artwork, which is often displayed in hospitals and treatment centers, as well as doctors offices has been shown to help reduce stress and increase the rate of healing in patients. Nature, gardens and calming, serene paintings that offer meditation and are pleasing to look at are all subjects that people have responded positively to. These were my thoughts in developing this piece.
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