Gail Allen is a classically trained artist living in New Hampshire, USA, who sculpts, paints and creates custom designed landscapes, murals and event products.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Sentinel

Some close ups of the details in the distance.
The Sentinel is a very large, acrylic landscape painting, 48" X 60", on canvas. It has been quite a work in progress, and was set aside for quite some time in the interim as I completed a few other pieces.
This painting began after coming upon a very old tree on our vacation that overlooked the large lake and the communities and countryside below. The thought occurred to me at the time, that this tree had stood here for decades as many changes occurred in the valley below. The beauty of the distant mountains and the bright glow of the sun on the farms below, as well as the tree was my inspiration. These old trees are dying rapidly throughout the area because of the recent storm damage and migrating insects from other countries. Choosing the name "The Sentinel" came to my mind as I referred to my reference photo while working in the studio. My thought was that it looked like a guard standing watch over the valley below.
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