Gail Allen is a classically trained artist living in New Hampshire, USA, who sculpts, paints and creates custom designed landscapes, murals and event products.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Painting for Valentine's Day -

Love in Flight
copyright 2011. Gail M. Allen
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The painting above was done on an overcast, cold winter day, when we received 15 inches of snow. The beauty of being a painter is that through your own imagination, your surroundings seem to change, just by the painting you choose to work on. Immersing myself in my work,  I become the viewer of the balloons in flight on a lovely spring day, listening to the sound of the birds singing, as they sit on the wires watching the tangled balloons bobbing with the wind blowing through the trees.
When the painting is finished reality hits,  it's time to spend the next hour or two out in the crisp cold air, cleaning up the beautiful sparkling snow coating everything in sight....but that creates another beautiful painting, for tomorrow.

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