Gail Allen is a classically trained artist living in New Hampshire, USA, who sculpts, paints and creates custom designed landscapes, murals and event products.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

The River Bend...a 24" X 48" landscape painting in progress

Last fall we took a foliage ride and came upon this train trestle which crossed a very rock laden river. I liked the effect of the portal it seemed to create. We were able to access a closer spot to the center, by jumping onto the larger rocks, where I was able to take photos and sketch my ideas. By changing the surroundings a bit, to create an atmosphere which you are not yet able to see, my hope is it will have interesting ambiance when finished. The pilasters of the bridge were interesting to me. The way the light fell on them, it gave the illusion of the one in the water being twisted at a different angle. This is in the early stage when I am trying to get values and placement as well as the base colors correct.

 My painting have exaggerated bright color to them for a reason, which is another post entirely, to come at a later date. Water and images of nature have a soothing and calming effect on many people, which is why I chose this point of view. My interest is is how color, light and subject matter affect mood and healing properties within a person's life. There is an abundance of research being done on how a person's perception affects his mood and health. I believe that the artwork we have in our homes has a direct effect on on lives. As doctor's offices, hospitals and even restaurants and hotels develop this understanding, there is a movement toward natural environmental looking paintings that give a sense of well being and aliveness.
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