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Friday, September 30, 2011

Heading Out of the Harbor- A New Painting!

Heading Out of the Harbor by Gail Allen

 I have just gotten around to posting this (16" X 20") recent quintessential New England acrylic painting of a sailboat heading out for a lazy summer day's adventures. I have been working on some landscapes throughout the very busy summer  we have had that I am slowly finishing up and posting. There's something about watching boats sailing by that is just so relaxing!

At the same time, it has a double meaning for me. My second son has just moved out of the house, as he starts his first, full time employment and into his first apartment in Boston. He is in a sense - heading out of the harbor , embarking on a journey that is the beginning his own independent life. I am so very proud of all he has become!

After this past week of nesting and doing some intense cooking and canning of my own heirloom tomato marinara, spaghetti, pizza sauce and a few jars of papaya barbecue sauce, (to remind us of the summer in the midst of our upcoming long freezing winter), I am starting some fall paintings.

Below is a recent 6" X 6" pastel study, done down the road from our home in Hollis, for a larger, fall painting. I am working on a few variations of this....more to come.

Hollis Hayfields by Gail Allen

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